05.07.2016 – Support and Resistance by Dukascopy

By | July 5, 2016

You’re watching the Support and Resistance Level Report for Tuesday. Here’s how our in-house model tests out today.
First up is the Euro/Dollar, which has the closest levels of 1 1140 in resistance and 1 1110 in support.
Standing at a 150 day moving average, R1 sees 9 confirmations. R2 is a 100 day moving average with 3 matches, and R3 is backed up by Price Channel Indicator Upper Line, Bollinger Upper Band and another model. S1 is the most confirmed support line with 10 studies, and Bollinger Lower Band is among the 5 models for S2. S3 is supported by Price Channel Indicator Lower Line, a 3 month low and another study.
Next up is the Cable, which stands between R1 of 1 3280 and S1 of 1 3240.
R2 leads in resistance with 7 models, and the lowest resistance line has found 3 matches. R3 is a psychological level with 2 studies. S2 is backed up by Price Channel Indicator Lower Line, a 4 year low and 7 other models. The highest support line has found 3 matches, and a psychological level is the only confirmation for S3.
Dollar/Yen has inched lower and now has R1 of 102 20 and S1 of 101 90.
R2 is the most confirmed resistance line with 12 studies, whereas the other two lines have found 4 matches each, including a 20 day moving average for R3. S1 leads in support with 5 models, and Bollinger Lower Band is among the 2 studies for S2. Standing at a major psychological level, S3 sees 2 confirmations.
And last up is the Dollar/Swiss Franc, which stands below R1 of 0 9730 and above S1 of 0 97.
R1 is a 50 day moving average with 9 models, and R2 counts Bollinger Upper Band among its 8 studies. Price Channel Indicator Upper Line is the only match for R3. The highest support line sees 5 confirmations. S3 is backed up by Bollinger Lower Band, Price Channel Indicator Lower Line and 2 other models, and S2 is a 20 day moving average with 3 matches.
I’m Celeste Skinner and this was the Support and Resistance Level Report for Tuesday. Stay with Dukascopy TV as we track the latest movements in the forex markets. Goodbye.

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