15.08.2016 – Movers and Shakers by Dukascopy

By | August 15, 2016

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http://www.iacircle.com/?siudfh&apps=buying-adobe-illustrator-cc-2015 illustrator cc 2015 buy online Oil prices are on a bullish streak, giving a boost to Loonie, which stands a fraction up from the Common Currency.
The other two commodity currencies are trading within a narrow range of each other as Kiwi is almost level with the fellow Antipode, the Aussie.
The increased risk appetite brings less demand for safe havens, and Swissie is a fraction up from the Yen, which took a further hit as Japanese GDP growth surprised on the downside.
Buck is trading lower ahead of tomorrow’s CPI release, but it still stands point 28% up from the Pound, which is the most bearish major.
And here’s how things look on the long-term charts. Euro/Pound has gained most over a week, standing 2.53% in the green, whereas Pound/Canada tops the bearish chart with a decline of 3.28%.
Euro/Pound also is the most bullish pair in monthly terms, having gained 3.46%. Pound/Yen has lost 5.53% over the same period, making it the most bearish instrument.
I’m Jessica Walker and you’ve been watching the Movers and Shakers for Monday. We’ll be back tomorrow to cover the latest developments, so see you then.

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