27.07.2016 – Midday Snapshot by Dukascopy

By | July 27, 2016

We’re halfway through the trading day, so let’s have a look at how traders have been performing with the Midday Snapshot.
Euro/Dollar has been trading relatively flat, walking in a total range of only 25 pips, leaving it slightly in the green at 12 o’clock. The pair has attracted an average amount of funds and traders sentiment is neutral at 2% long. The small price movement suggests no major changes in accounts are likely.
The Cable has been steadily declining during the trading session, volatility measures at 91 pips. It has slightly risen from the low of 1 3072 however it is still point 32% in the red at noon. Traded volume is average and the sentiment of the traders is strongly bullish at 44% long. The daily decline is likely to not have been beneficial for traders.
Dollar/Yen saw a steep rise of 174 pips to reach the high of 106 55, but it has since seen a decline and now stands point 84% in the green at 12PM. The pair has attracted an average amount of funds and trader’s sentiment is neutral, 3% long. The spike could have shown risks and opportunities for both bulls and bears.
Pound/Yen has followed a similar pattern with a steep incline of 219 pips in the early morning. The pair quickly retreated from the high, and it is point 52% in the green at midday. Pound/Yen has had an average amount of funds and sentiment of the traders is neutral at a balance. Investors have had a mix of opportunities and risks depending on their position.
And last for this overview is the EUR/JPY, which also saw a spike of 200 pips in the early trading hours. It has since lost ground, but it is still point 89% in the green at 12PM GMT. Traded volume has been high, and sentiment of the traders is strongly bullish. Traders would have had their best chance in the early hours of the day.
I’m Celeste Skinner and that wraps up today’s Midday Snapshot. Keep checking back in to see how these currency pairs continue to perform during the day.

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